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Elevate your offerings. Provide your high-net-worth clients with premium financing solutions that resonate with their advanced financial needs. Partner with us, amplify your portfolio, and delight your clientele.

  • Comprehensive Support: Extensive training, resources, and tools at your disposal.
  • Competitive Commissions: Attractive compensation structures for our esteemed partners.
  • Exclusive Access: Early insights into evolving financing strategies and tools.

Increased Revenue Potential

Access to a niche market segment with potentially higher commissions and incentives.

Exclusive Tools & Resources

Utilize state-of-the-art calculators, software, and marketing materials tailored for premium financing.

Dedicated Support Team

A team of experts ready to assist with case design, underwriting support, and solution implementation.

Expanded Opportunities

Grow your business with access to exclusive products and competitive financing options.

Market Insights

Stay ahead with regular updates on market trends, regulatory changes, and emerging opportunities in the premium finance space.

Client Retention & Growth

Diversify your offerings, meet advanced client needs, and cement your position as a trusted advisor.

Elevate Your Client Offerings

In the world of insurance, the needs and expectations of high-net-worth (HNW) individuals are unique and complex. By partnering with us, you’ll be equipped to offer premium finance life insurance solutions that cater precisely to this discerning market segment. Let’s redefine the future of insurance, together.

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Gain access to our specialized expertise in premium finance life insurance, along with advanced tools and support to enhance your offerings and grow your business.

We provide comprehensive training and resources to seamlessly incorporate premium finance life insurance into your service portfolio, expanding your client solutions.

Our support includes marketing materials, case studies, personalized coaching, and access to a network of financial experts to assist you in client engagements.

We strictly adhere to all regulatory standards, providing products and services that are fully compliant, ensuring you and your clients’ peace of mind.

Premium finance life insurance is particularly beneficial for high-net-worth individuals seeking sophisticated solutions for estate planning, tax efficiency, and wealth preservation.

Advance Wealth Partners offers regular workshops, webinars, and newsletters to keep you informed about the latest industry trends and innovations.

Absolutely. We provide ongoing education, training, and networking opportunities to help you grow professionally and stay ahead in the competitive insurance market.

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Partnering with Advance Wealth Partners has been a game-changer for my business. Their expertise in premium finance life insurance not only expanded my product offerings but also provided me with invaluable resources and support. My clients are impressed with the sophisticated solutions I can now offer, thanks to the team at Advance Wealth Partners.

Jay Silverman
Independent Insurance Agent

Advance Wealth Partners' dedication to agent success is unparalleled. Their training programs and ongoing support have greatly enhanced my understanding and confidence in offering premium finance life insurance. Their innovative approach and commitment to excellence have significantly benefited my clients and helped grow my practice.

Keith Baron
Financial Advisor

Working with Advance Wealth Partners has been a remarkable experience. The level of expertise and professionalism they bring to the table is outstanding. Their tailored strategies and exceptional client service have not only improved my client relationships but also elevated my standing in the competitive insurance market. I'm truly grateful for this partnership.

Lonnie Murphy
Senior Life Insurance Broker

Whitepapers/Guides:Agents and CPAs


Premium financing for life insurance is a strategy typically leveraged by high-net-worth individuals and businesses. By understanding its intricacies, agents and CPAs can offer unique solutions to clients and add value to their professional services.

Basics of Premium Financing Life Insurance

  • Definition: Borrowing funds from a third-party lender to pay for life insurance premiums.
  • Primary Use: Allows clients to acquire large life insurance policies without tying up their personal or business capital.

The Mechanics of Premium Financing

  • Loan Origination: A loan is taken, usually from a bank or financial institution, to cover the premium.
  • Collateral: Typically, the life insurance policy itself acts as the primary collateral. However, additional collateral may be required if the policy’s cash value is insufficient.
  • Loan Repayment: Depending on the terms, interest may be paid annually, or it could capitalize over time. The principal is generally repaid through the policy’s death benefit or its cash value

Benefits of Premium Financing

  • Liquidity: Clients maintain liquidity by not diverting vast sums towards premium payments.
  • Leverage: By borrowing at competitive interest rates and potentially earning higher returns on investments, clients can create a positive arbitrage.
  • Estate Planning: Offers a strategic method for transferring wealth and covering estate tax liabilities.

Potential Risks and Downsides

  • Interest Rate Fluctuations: Variable loan rates could spike, increasing costs.
  • Policy Performance: If the policy’s cash value underperforms, additional collateral might be necessary.
  • Tax Implications: Unforeseen changes in tax law could affect the strategy’s advantages.

Tax Implications

  • Gift Taxes: When premiums are paid on behalf of another, gift taxes might come into play.
  • Estate Taxes: If not structured correctly, the death benefit could be counted as part of the estate.
  • Interest Deduction: Depending on the loan’s structure, interest might or might not be deductible.

Ideal Candidates for Premium Financing

  • High-net-worth individuals with significant illiquid assets.
  • Businesses with substantial capital commitments.
  • Individuals with substantial estate tax liabilities.

Case Studies

  • Business Succession Planning: How premium financing facilitated a smooth business transition.
  • Estate Tax Mitigation: A real-world example of covering tax liabilities without liquidating assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A comprehensive list answering common queries, ensuring that agents and CPAs are well-equipped to address client concerns.

The Role of Agents and CPAs

  • Due Diligence: Ensure the strategy is suitable for the client’s financial situation and goals.
  • Regular Review: As circumstances change, revisit the strategy to ensure it remains viable.
  • Coordination: Work cohesively with other professionals, like attorneys, to ensure a comprehensive approach.


Premium financing life insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution. However, with the right expertise, agents and CPAs can employ it as a powerful tool in their financial arsenal. Staying informed and collaborating with other professionals will ensure clients get the best out of this strategy.

FAQ : Premium Financing Life Insurance for Agents and CPAs

Premium financing is a strategy in which an individual or business borrows funds from a lender to pay the premiums of a large life insurance policy, rather than paying the premiums out-of-pocket.

Premium financing allows high-net-worth individuals to purchase substantial life insurance policies without liquidating assets. This helps in estate planning, wealth transfer, and maintaining liquidity for other investments or business opportunities.

While premium financing can be used with various policies, it’s most commonly associated with universal life policies because of their flexibility and potential cash value accumulation.

Risks include fluctuating interest rates affecting the loan cost, the insurance policy underperforming which may require additional collateral, and potential changes in tax laws that might alter the benefits of the strategy.

The loan can be repaid from the policy’s cash value, other assets, or from the death benefit upon the insured’s passing.

Yes, if the policy’s performance doesn’t meet projections or if interest rates rise substantially, the client might need to post additional collateral or pay out-of-pocket to cover interest or principal balances.

If interest rates rise, the cost of borrowing increases. If the rates rise substantially, it might negate the benefits of the premium financing strategy.

Interest on the loan might be deductible, but this can vary. Also, if not structured correctly, the death benefit could be counted as part of the taxable estate. Gift taxes may apply if premiums are paid on behalf of another.

Not necessarily. Some clients use premium financing temporarily, such as until other assets become liquid or a business transaction completes. The strategy can be as flexible as the client’s financial situation requires.

By staying educated on the latest industry trends, tax implications, and by conducting regular reviews of the strategy’s performance. Collaboration with other financial professionals is also key.

Yes. The insured’s age and health can impact the insurance premiums and, subsequently, the amount needed to finance. It’s typically a strategy used by older, high-net-worth individuals who might face higher insurance premiums due to age or health.

Yes, but there might be financial consequences depending on the loan terms, policy surrender charges, and market conditions.

Typically, the death benefit is used first to repay the outstanding loan, with the remainder going to the beneficiaries.

In traditional life insurance purchase, premiums are paid out-of-pocket. With premium financing, these premiums are borrowed, allowing the client to keep their capital for other uses.

Not all. It’s essential to work with a lender familiar with the nuances of premium financing. Some banks specialize in these types of loans.

These FAQs aim to address the core questions agents and CPAs might encounter. Given the complexities of premium financing, it’s always advisable to engage in continuous learning and professional consultation.

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