Comprehensive Capabilities

  The foundation of AWP Life Brokerage is the belief that firms are strengthened by the ability to work in tandem as a unified consortium.  Our specializations include insurance concepts and...

Industry Leader

  AWP has proven continual leadership in delivery of benefits solutions for companies of any size as well as we continue to be a leading enterprise in life insurance planning and...

Institutional Relationships

Institutional accounts are integral to our overall distribution plan.  We define institutions as banks, wirehouses, regional broker dealers, and CPA networks. AWP has acquired recognition as a player in the institutional...

Pioneering Captive Insurance

Introduction Despite the fact that the concept of “captive” traces its origins to the beginnings of formalized trade, many people believe captive insurance companies to be a relatively new phenomenon.  Formed...

Premium Financing

Many affluent clients are aware of the benefits that life insurance can provide.  However, clients often harbor concerns that a substantial income tax liability will result from liquidating low basis...


Life Insurance

Typically, the main purpose of life insurance is to provide a death benefit.  The most appropriate policy for you is one that takes into account your specific goals and needs, has the potential to preserve your wealth during your lifetime and to help you transfer the maximum wealth possible to your beneficiaries.  Understanding the ways in which the money you dedicate to life insurance is protected* can help to avoid fear-based or emotional decisions that could have long-term impacts on your financial future.  An AWP Advisor can help you make the most appropriate decision for you, your family, and your future.


Life insurance can be a source of funds for your spouse, children, business partners, or other beneficiaries during an overwhelming time of change.  Some of the most common scenarios life insurance can alleviate are:

Income Replacement: Do the primary earnings of your family depend on your wages?

Final Expenses: Will your family be prepared to accommodate the high expense of funeral services and final medical care?

Debt Repayment: Do you have a mortgage, credit card dept, or any outstanding financial obligations that your family could become burdened with?

Child Care: Do you have children or dependents that would require care in your absence?

College and Educational Expenses: Do your children or grandchildren have plans to attend college or seek additional career training?

Charitable Contribution: Do you currently contribute to a charity cause, or an organization?  Have you considered leaving a final contribution?

Business Continuation: Do you currently own or are you a partner in a business?  Have you considered leaving funds to help continue the business without you or making accommodations to give your family the option of comfortably exiting the business?

Wealth Transfer: Do you have plans in place to preserve your wealth and transfer your assets to subsequent generations?

Estate Tax: Have you thought about and made plans for the federal tax burden your family may incur when your estate is transferred?