Comprehensive Capabilities

  The foundation of AWP Life Brokerage is the belief that firms are strengthened by the ability to work in tandem as a unified consortium.  Our specializations include insurance concepts and...

Industry Leader

  AWP has proven continual leadership in delivery of benefits solutions for companies of any size as well as we continue to be a leading enterprise in life insurance planning and...

Institutional Relationships

Institutional accounts are integral to our overall distribution plan.  We define institutions as banks, wirehouses, regional broker dealers, and CPA networks. AWP has acquired recognition as a player in the institutional...

Pioneering Captive Insurance

Introduction Despite the fact that the concept of “captive” traces its origins to the beginnings of formalized trade, many people believe captive insurance companies to be a relatively new phenomenon.  Formed...

Premium Financing

Many affluent clients are aware of the benefits that life insurance can provide.  However, clients often harbor concerns that a substantial income tax liability will result from liquidating low basis...


Compensation Programs

Compensation Programs

AWP offers comprehensive and immediately operational services for the design, administration, and informal funding of nonqualified plans.  We optimize customized plans to suit the specific needs of individual financial institutions, working closely in collaboration with our clients to ensure design of an appropriate plan and drawing up legal documents and trust agreements and ultimately establishing plan administration and informal plan funding.


Our typical three plan offerings are:

Supplemental Plan

Supplemental plans enhance existing retirement income, alleviating the fact that tax regulations and contribution limitations on qualified plans discriminate against highly compensated employees.  These plans give you the freedom to choose the participants and set a particular benefit level for each individual.


Deferral Plan

Deferral plans function as the name suggests, allowing participants to defer a portion of their bonus, salary, or fees.  This type of plan is similar to a 401(k), except that it is free from tax restrictions.


Incentive-Driven Plan

Incentive-driven plans allow our clients to reward employees based on performance criteria, such as profitability and value of the institution.  This plan is intended to increase employee motivation and productivity through facilitation of a merit-based rewards system, while enhancing overall economic efficiency.


There are a number of products available today for consideration by financial institutions. AWP brings clarity and direction to the selection process by conducting routine reviews and bringing forth those programs that show the most potential as being profitable and advantageous for our clients—all part of the personal and dedicated approach we aspire to on every account.


In addition to our plan offerings, we can create custom solutions for:


Acquisition Strategies

Unique packages whose purpose is to attract potential merger partners 

Ownership/Management Succession

Buy/sell agreements, shareholder agreements, and other vehicles to bolster achievement of corporate objectives

Shareholder Benefit Plans

Participant benefits can be tied to program net income 

Change in Control Retirement Benefit Protection 

Promised retirement benefits are protected even in the event that control of an institution is transferred

Marketing through Banks

AWP, in partnership with your institution, can develop compensation plans for your commercial customers, allowing you to provide a valuable service to your customers and dually providing a new source of non-interest income for the bank

Specialized Services

Packages available for Sub-Chapter S Corporations, de novo institutions, and small asset institutions