Comprehensive Capabilities

  The foundation of AWP Life Brokerage is the belief that firms are strengthened by the ability to work in tandem as a unified consortium.  Our specializations include insurance concepts and...

Industry Leader

  AWP has proven continual leadership in delivery of benefits solutions for companies of any size as well as we continue to be a leading enterprise in life insurance planning and...

Institutional Relationships

Institutional accounts are integral to our overall distribution plan.  We define institutions as banks, wirehouses, regional broker dealers, and CPA networks. AWP has acquired recognition as a player in the institutional...

Pioneering Captive Insurance

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Premium Financing

Many affluent clients are aware of the benefits that life insurance can provide.  However, clients often harbor concerns that a substantial income tax liability will result from liquidating low basis...


Health & Welfare

Employee benefits are the fastest rising expenses facing most companies today.  Healthcare has become so complex that employers continue to struggle in finding balanced equilibrium between benefits needs with those of economic realities.


Working with an AWP advisor provides the assurance of working with a professional dedicated to designing and implementing innovative programs that provide financial security, best-of-breed health plan options, increased productivity, and foster work/life balance.


Our industry experts possess the collective experience and national presence to understand the health and benefits of today’s employers.  Recognizing that you need more than simply traditional insurance benefits programs, they offer creative and effective solutions in the following areas:

Consumer-directed healthcare

Self-funded plans

Wellness programs

Actuarial services

International benefits

Limited medical plans

Health advocacy programs

Benefits administration

Benefits administration


Consumer-directed Healthcare

The healthcare industry has begun to reshape much in the way the retirement industry did with the introduction of 401(k) plans.  Many employers, unable to continue supporting the bulk of increasing healthcare costs, are turning toward consumer-driven health care (CDHC) plans such as High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHPs) coupled with Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), or Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs).

We provide our clients with the following resources to help them understand the world of CDHC plans:

Legislative updates on federal and state mandates that affect CDHC plans

Strategic planning resources for implementing a successful CDHC program

Employee training and education materials on HSAs and HRAs


Self-funded Plans

Healthcare costs continue to be the single greatest benefits expense for plan sponsors today.  Self-funding solutions offer plan sponsors the flexibility to custom-design a benefits program to best meet the needs of their employees, while also affording plan sponsors the ability to be actively involved in controlling healthcare expenses through risk management techniques.  AWP has the experience, resources, and premier partners to help plan sponsors take control of their healthcare costs.

Our products and services in this area include:

Administrative services only (ASO)

Stop loss

Risk management (MGU)

Medical claims analytics

Disease/care management


Wellness Programs

We can assist you in finding the right wellness program vendor to meet your needs, develop strategies to actively engage your employees, and measure the success of your program.

Our available wellness program resources include:

Employee assistance programs (EAPs)

Health risk assessments

Health/lifestyle coaching (onsite or Web and telephone based)

Smoking cessation

Weight management

Disease management

Financial consulting


Actuarial Services

We partner with actuaries who specialize in the healthcare industry and provide expertise on various healthcare financial matters.  By working with specialized actuaries, we are capable of assisting plan sponsors in implementing solutions in the financing, risk, administration, and marketing of healthcare arrangements.

Services performed include:

Review of plan performance

Development of cost saving solutions

Benefit plan design and analysis

Unpaid claim (IBNR) estimates and certification

Retiree health valuations (FAS 106 and GASB)

Development of premium equivalent rates for self-funded plans

Medicare Part D actuarial attestations

Analysis related to consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs)


International Benefits

Our international benefits consulting partners maintain access to over 40 different countries worldwide with tried and trusted affiliates who are able to offer high service levels and local knowledge.  They can translate overseas expressions into local prose to prevent important terms from being misinterpreted and lost in translation.

Available products and services include:

Expatriate employee risk insurances and retirement plans

International medical, dental, and travel plans

International benchmarking data and local country profiles

International employee benefits programs for local employees

Multinational pooling of group risk insurances

Special risks, including key man life, disability, and critical illness

Due diligence for mergers and acquisitions

Access to international actuarial expertise

International private client wealth management

Access to overseas professionals, accountants, lawyers, HR, payroll, and real estate


Limited Medical Plans

Our limited medical benefit plans offer a viable low cost alternative to expensive, comprehensive major medical insurance.  Limited medical benefit plans are curtailed versions of major medical plans and can be offered through trade associations to employers as well as to individuals.  Limited medical benefit plan designs can be utilized as either primary insurance or supplemental (gap) coverage.  In contrast with comprehensive major medical insurance, many limited medical benefit plan designs do not determine their benefits based on actual changes incurred and instead pay based on a fixed benefit indemnity amount when various healthcare services are used.

Areas of coverage in a limited medical plan may include:

Doctor’s office visits

Inpatient hospitalization

X-rays and laboratory work

Prescription drugs


Health Advocacy Programs

Personal health advocates serve as liasons to healthcare providers and insurance plans.  They help employees locate in-network providers, obtain second opinions, resolve insurance claims and billing errors, as well as they assist with eldercare, research treatments, and address many other issues.  Resolving this multitude of issues expertly and efficiently helps increase productivity, saves time and money, and helps both employer and employee gain access to the most value from the healthcare experience.

Additional services that are available through a health advocacy program include:


Medical bill saver

Medical decision support

Wellness advocate

FMLA support


Benefits Administration

The AWP Benefits Integration division provides our clients with a subject matter expert in benefits and human resources administration systems.  Seamlessly integrated with the AWP firms’ dedicated client service team, we can assist in the selection, implementation, optimization, project management, and ongoing support of benefits and human resources management technology.

While most competitors’ service offerings consist largely of a benefits enrollment tool, we provide advantage to our clients through a comprehensive approach to reviewing your existing benefits and human resources administration processes.  In comparison, most of our benefit brokerage competitors contrast with our philosophy as they either do not have the capability to provide these services or, if they do, will still choose to promote their own system.  The competition fails to recognize that benefits administration for middle market employers is extremely customized and requires evaluation of multiple systems to determine the most appropriate fit.

Our discovery process includes:

Examining a client’s current workflow(s)

Identifying areas of inefficiency/redundancy

Recommending technology solutions, when applicable, to streamline the process

Implementing and supporting the recommended system(s)