Comprehensive Capabilities

  The foundation of AWP Life Brokerage is the belief that firms are strengthened by the ability to work in tandem as a unified consortium.  Our specializations include insurance concepts and...

Industry Leader

  AWP has proven continual leadership in delivery of benefits solutions for companies of any size as well as we continue to be a leading enterprise in life insurance planning and...

Institutional Relationships

Institutional accounts are integral to our overall distribution plan.  We define institutions as banks, wirehouses, regional broker dealers, and CPA networks. AWP has acquired recognition as a player in the institutional...

Pioneering Captive Insurance

Introduction Despite the fact that the concept of “captive” traces its origins to the beginnings of formalized trade, many people believe captive insurance companies to be a relatively new phenomenon.  Formed...

Premium Financing

Many affluent clients are aware of the benefits that life insurance can provide.  However, clients often harbor concerns that a substantial income tax liability will result from liquidating low basis...


Creating an Employee Benefits Package

AWP carefully tailors our process for developing an effective Employee Benefits Package to your specific needs and requirements.  We will work together with you to explore opportunities and realistically examine risks and rewards.


Stage 1: Assessment


1. Assess current benefits: Our professional will sit down with you and review your current Employee Benefits package.

2. Establish your benefit plan's goals: We will outline your goals and expectations for your new plan.

3. Establish measures to reach goals: We will define specific plans to meet these goals in the most efficient way.

4. Determine the target group: Once the goals have been set, we will work with you to determine who should benefit from this package.


Stage 2: Design


5. Determine deficiencies in existing plan: Decide what factors the current plan is missing and what needs to be added/improved upon.

6. Establish benefit targets for: Retirement, Survivor, Disability, Severance, Incentives, Retention, etc.

7. Establish desired benefits attributes: Vesting, Security, Portability, etc.

8. Build financing models for plan: The models will include comparisons for cash flow and earnings impact.

9. Make final recommendations: Based on our assessment of the requirements that you have provided, we will create a detailed plan that satisfies your needs.


Stage 3: Implementation


10. Prepare specifications: We will assemble all aspects of your product selections.

11. Orientation: We will provide your executive group with a complete orientation to define the benefits package to them.

12. Enrollment: Each participant will be provided with an individual enrollment session.

13. Documentation: We will complete all plan documents and necessary forms.

14. Establish review procedure: We will monitor the plan for follow-ups and future changes.